Antique Car Show

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Antique Car Show

   I went to an antique car show Saturday at Koreshan State Historic Site in Estero, FL.  I’ve painted there before (see earlier blog) and thought it would be fun to try painting some cars while showing some of my other work. I set up my easel and a few of my paintings across from a Model T that looked like a good subject.  The owner was wearing a period duster, so naturally I included him in the painting, too.  It was tricky trying to paint the car with so many people milling around in my line of sight.  The owner liked my painting, and asked for a price, but I guess it was too steep.  No worries, though, as one of the park rangers bought it a while later. Then another car owner paid me to paint his Cadillac from a photo I took, and a third owner said he will send me pictures to paint his award-winning Ford Fairlane, too.  I’m adding car shows to my list of places to sell paintings!

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  1. Tom DeSchane
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    Thanks for the painting of our Cadillac. We did want it smaller but understand the 11×17 frame concept. Overall we were pleased. Tom

    • Sheila
      | Reply

      Hi Tom,
      Glad you liked the painting! It is a standard 8×10 that you could frame without the mat if you want it smaller. If you had planned to use it for your handout, you could scan it and shrink it down. I could also send you a jpg file to give to your printer if that would be helpful.

  2. Tom DeSchane
    | Reply

    You sure can send the jpg file. Thanks for your reply. Tom

  3. Sheila
    | Reply

    Hi Tom
    I just sent the jpg. Let me know if it didn’t come through. Sheila

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