Traverse City Paintout

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Traverse City Paintout

The weather was perfect for yesterday’s paintout in Traverse City. Painters were competing for cash prizes, including a special award for the painting that best depicted the 1960s.

The sponsor of the special award asked classic car owners to situated their cars in front of 60’s era homes.  We were given maps to the homes.

The first one I visited seemed perfect with a turquoise Olds Toronado from the 60s in front of a cute aqua bungalow.  Three other painters chose the same location.  I spent about an hour on the drawing to make sure I got the car right and finished the painting four hours later.

After framing our paintings, we met at the Crooked Tree Arts Council on 6th Street for the wet paint sale.  I was thrilled to win the special 60s award.  The homeowner, who couldn’t attend, had sent his dad to buy the painting, but he was too late, as the owner of the Olds had already purchased it.

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