An Afternoon at Boca Grande

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   An Afternoon at Boca Grande

     After a hard morning of painting in Placida a week ago, Eileen and I decided to cross the bridge into Boca Grande to see what we might paint in the afternoon.

     First we had a nice lunch at one of the villages bistros, then we headed out to the lighthouse.  

    We only had a dollar between us to put in the parking box, but we took a chance and painted for several hours.  Fortunately, we didn't get a ticket.



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Check this post for upcoming art fairs and other events where you can buy my work.


  • August 4, 2017 Wet paint sale. Glen Arbor Art Association Plein Air Weekend.  Paintings done at the  Friday quick draw will be sold at this evening event.  Usually the sale also includes paintings from the Thursday night "Sundowner", but it was cancelled because of the thunder storm.
  • August 5.  Wet paint sale.  Glen Arbor Art Association Plein Air Weekend.  Paintings done during the day will be for sale at this gala evening event.  This is the main weekend event and is limited to 60 painters. 

Pottery Express & Bamboo Farm

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A Buddha at Pottery Express

   I joined the Peace River Painters Monday at the Pottery Express & Bamboo Farm south of Punta Gorda.
   The grounds are shaded with tall bamboo, some for sale, others for providing a background for the colorful pottery.   Every imaginable size and style of pots are on display there.
   It took a while to select a good painting spot, but a Buddha's head planted on the top of a tall pot caught my eye.
    I've painted at the Pottery Express before, last time selecting a serene view of a gazebo reflected in a lovely pond.

A Day at the Farmer’s Market

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Punta Gorda Farmer’s Market

I went to Punta Gorda last week planning on painting a scene of historic homes, but ended up at the Farmer's Market instead.

It was a busy place on Saturday morning, so I set up my painting gear in a drainage ditch that was out of the way and thankfully dry.

The majestic columns of the city hall made for a nice backdrop to the activities going on at the market.

Maybe next time I'll go there to shop.

A gallery in Placida

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Painting in Placida

Last week, my painting buddy, Eileen, and I traveled to Placida to paint with the Peace River Painters, most of whom hail from Punta Gorda.
It was quite a trek from our homes in Cape Coral but worth it for the variety of scenes from a half-sunken boat to colorful art galleries.
I was attracted to the bright colors of the Albritton Gallery. It was a windy day and the gallery view allowed me to avoid the wind by setting up next to my van.

Riviera Marina

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Painting Boats at Riviera Marina

Several weeks ago,I went to paint at the Riviera Marina in Punta Gorda.
This is a rather run-down marina that is perfect for artists looking for character and characters. The marina's patrons have all manner of boats, most undergoing some serious repairs.
The marina also is home to a large population of cats. It's important to watch where you step and where you set up your painting equipment. One must inspect the bottom of ones shoes periodically.
I painted several boats that were moored there. After I was finished, the owner of the shrimp boat came up to inspect my work. We talked awhile about my painting and depiction of his boat. He seemed quite pleased with my painting. This is not a place where you are likely to sell your paintings, however. But it's much more interesting than painting at one of the upscale marinas where all the boats are in pristine condition.

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