My watercolors are available through my studio in Bear Lake, MI., from May through October.  I  also sell them at art fairs and special events.   My newest paintings also are available by mail.  Email me at sheilawissner@gmail.com if you would like to schedule a private viewing at my studio in Bear Lake, MI., or wish to order by mail.


My jewelry is available at my studio from May through October and throughout the year by ordering online.  Email me at sheilawissner@gmail.com to order by check or credit card.


My husband and I sell our fine art photography under the name Photography Magic Studio. Photos can be purchased at our studio May through October.  Call to schedule an appointment.  We also sell our photographs at art fairs in Michigan.  Please check the events page for upcoming shows.  You also may order our photos by sending an email to sheilawissner@gmail.com throughout the year.

Watercolor Pricing for paintings on this web site:

Please contact me at sheilawissner@gmail.com for prices of my paintings.