Workday – Milwaukee  16″x20″  From a photo I took as a friend drove me around the city Waiting for Morning Coffee  16″x20″  This is a popular cafe in Arcadia, FL.  My painting buddy and I stopped here after a Martin Luther Day parade, and I snapped a shot that was the inspiration for this painting. Jacks on Marion  16″x20″  Popular bar in Punta Gorda, FL. Midnight at Filer Mill  11″x14″   Packaging Corporation of America paper mill in Filer City, MI. Elena’s  11″x14″  This cute store is in Matlacha, a little fishing village in Florida with a row of art galleries and shops. Frills  11″x14″  Frills is another fun shop in Matlacha, FL. Rainy Night at the Vogue  16″x20″   This is based on a photo I took after seeing a movie at this renovated movie theater. The evening shower made the pavement glow.  The painting won first place at an art show in Manistee, MI.

Cities & Towns

The play of light and shadow in the city landscapes makes for intriguing watercolors.
I painted Rainy Night at the Vogue after seeing a movie at this theater in Manistee, Michigan.  I wanted to capture how the lights reflected so beautifully on the wet pavement.  This watercolor won first place at a Manistee Art Institute show this past summer.
Workday-Milwaukee is based on a photo I took of a street in downtown Milwaukee as a friend drove me around the city.
I enjoy reinterpreting in watercolor the photos I take on my journeys.