Beach Walk 16″x20″ Cousins (sold) 11″x14″ Strolling in Key West  11″x14″ Churning Terns  16″x20″ The Sailor  11″x14″ Wayne With Hat (NFS) 16″x20″



Out of all the subjects one might paint, perhaps the most challenging is people.   You can misplace a branch on a tree, but an arm, leg or eye need to be in the right spot!
The paintings in this grouping were completed in my Michigan and Florida studios from photographs I took.
Children make delightful subjects, and I take a lot of shots of them to save for later paintings.  Cousins is a watercolor of two of my grandchildren who held hands as they walked down a nature trail in Florida.  I took a photo, and thought the scene so charming I just had to paint it.
Wayne with Hat  is a watercolor I painted of my husband from a photo I took of him on a trip to Key West.   He had just purchased the hat at one of the numerous gift shops on the island.