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Check this post for upcoming art fairs and other events where you can buy my work.

  • January 14-30, 2019.  Punta Gorda Quick Draw Competition and plein air show.  The quick draw took place on the 14th.  I won the “judge’s award” for my painting of an ice cream shop.  The quick draw paintings, as well as paintings artists have done at other times en plein air, will hang at the Punta Gorda Visual Arts Center through January 30.   Painting can be purchased in the art center office.

Paint Grand Traverse

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August 13 is the kickoff of Paint Grand Traverse, a plein air painting competition featuring nationally recognized plein air painters.

This open air competition takes place across the Grand Traverse region for the entire week. It wraps up with a gala reception and wet paint sale at the Crooked Tree Arts Center in Traverse City.

New Mexico Painting Trip Part 2

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New Mexico Painting Trip Part 2


After the first day painting at our rental house, we ventured out to Abiquiu on Tuesday to take a tour of one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s homes.OkeeffeGarden


This was the place she purchased after her husband, Alfred Stieglitz, died.  It sits high above a river valley in Abiquiu and has a lovely garden in the back.

Visitors aren’t allowed to take photographs inside the house, so we had to be satisfied with some outside shots.




We learned a lot from our guide and the home’s caretaker, who tagged along behind us. Our guide was very knowledgeable, but I was more interested in what the caretaker had to say as he actually knew O’Keeffe.   She was reserved but also had a sense of humor, he said.




After lunch at the Abiquiu Inn, we headed back up the hill to Abiquiu to paint.  The town is a private village established through a land grant, so the residents are all descended from the original inhabitants.The town’s centerpiece is the historic Santo Tomas Catholic Church.



Mary found a shady spot to sketch it from in front of the village library.  Susan found her shade behind our rented minivan.








I set up nearby, and was happy that I had packed my umbrella, as the sun was very hot.









Eileen painted an old building off the plaza.







Wednesday we headed over to Ghost Ranch.

GhostRanchSkull   In O’Keeffe’s day, it was in private hands,  It now is owned by the Presbyterian Church.

Susan inside the museum

The compound includes housing, a campground, workshops in various subjects including painting, horseback riding and a paleontology museum.  They charge $10 for people who aren’t staying there but want to paint.  We took a walk around the grounds to scout out painting locations.   After eating lunch in the cafeteria, we got to work. 

Susan painting Pedernal mesa

Eileen picked a location near the art building while Mary, Susan and I chose spots near the main building to paint Pedernal mesa.


My spot under an apple tree

















Thursday we stopped in Chimayo, a village renowned for handmade woven goods.  We admired the rugs and wall hangings in one of the shops, then traveled a little further to El Santuario de Chimayo, a Catholic shrine built in the early 19th century.

El Santuario de Chimayo

Here we set up our easels to paint.

Eileen and I painted from the plaza while Susan and Mary found a shady spot down below near the parking lot.

Here’s my painting with Eileen in the background set up closer to the church.











Friday, we headed back to Ghost Ranch.  Mary stayed behind to work on paintings around the casita.  We couldn’t blame her as the views were quite stunning.sheila2ndghostranch




The prolific Eileen completed two paintings at Ghost Ranch in the time it took me to paint one.  My excuse is that I hiked along the river bed until I found a beautiful spot.






Saturday, Susan chose to paint at the casita while Mary, Eileen and I made an all-out effort to take in as much as we could before we left New Mexico for home the next day,




We started out early in the morning to paint views of the river valley near Abiquiu.





Next, we toured some art studios in El Rito, a tiny village-slash artist community east of Espanola.

Finally,  we traveled down a rutted, dirt road to the White Place, another favorite spot of O’Keeffe’s.  We headed off in different directions and packed it in when the wind got the best of us.



Back at the casita, we decided to have a little show of our work.   Here are the paintings we completed during the week:

Eileen’s work:















Susan’s work:





Mary’s work:









My work:










New Mexico Painting Trip

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Three of my friends and I are on a painting trip to New Mexico.  We rented a casita near Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O’Keeffe spent many years painting the dramatic landscape.

Susan, Mary, Eileen and I landed in Albuquerque yesterday.  We rented a van and flew past Santa Fe on our way north.  Our first stop was a restaurant in Espanola where we had some Our first lunch in New Mexico. I piled it on.great Mexican food.

We were all quite joyful, especially Susan laughing

Susan.  And she hadn’t even had a drink yet.  I would have indulged in a Margarita, but I was the driver so sadly had a Coke.

The home we rented overlooks Ghost Ranch and the Abiquiu Reservoir.  It is a gorgeous spot, but to get there, we had to travel several miles down an unpaved, rocky road that took us quite a while to navigate.  There are several adobe homes on the hills and cliffs.  Each one has a spectacular view of the countryside.

We were quite thrilled with our casita, and enjoyed some snacks and wine as the sun set behind the mesa.  Eileen and I jumped in the hot tub and watched as the stars made their appearance.eileen painting day 2

I got up early in the morning and took a little hike around the property.   Eileen meanwhile was setting up her easel to paint a view of the water and rock formations.





sheila mtn on easelI decided to hike up the hill above the casita to
paint Pedernal, a narrow mesa in the Jemez Mountains. It was a favorite subject of O’Keeffe’s.






We all had a good day painting:

Eileen's morning painting
Eileen’s morning painting









Eileen's painting of a home near our casita
Eileen’s painting of our casita


Susan's painting
Susan’s painting










Mary's painting
Mary’s painting. We both painted this scene and didn’t realize it. She was painting down below and I was up on a hill.



May painting of the reservoir. There was a little island with some beautiful reflections.



My painting of the reservoir. There was a little island with some beautiful reflections.









My painting of Pedernal mesa, one of O'Keeffe's favorite scenes.
My painting of Pedernal mesa, one of O’Keeffe’s favorite scenes.


Traverse City Paintout

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Traverse City Paintout

The weather was perfect for yesterday’s paintout in Traverse City. Painters were competing for cash prizes, including a special award for the painting that best depicted the 1960s.

The sponsor of the special award asked classic car owners to situated their cars in front of 60’s era homes.  We were given maps to the homes.

The first one I visited seemed perfect with a turquoise Olds Toronado from the 60s in front of a cute aqua bungalow.  Three other painters chose the same location.  I spent about an hour on the drawing to make sure I got the car right and finished the painting four hours later.

After framing our paintings, we met at the Crooked Tree Arts Council on 6th Street for the wet paint sale.  I was thrilled to win the special 60s award.  The homeowner, who couldn’t attend, had sent his dad to buy the painting, but he was too late, as the owner of the Olds had already purchased it.

Punta Gorda Nights

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Punta Gorda Nights

         The streets of Punta Gorda were packed on St. Patrick’s Day as a group of us set up our easels to paint the activity.  The Irish festival fell on the same night as the monthly art walk, and an antique car show gave visitors even more to see.  I selected a crowded bar to paint.  I had painted it once before, but wanted to do a better job capturing the energy and drama of the bar’s outdoor patio on a warm spring night.

Island Park

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Island Park


My sister-in-law, Sharon, is an art teacher in Michigan.  When she came to visit recently, we decided to join the Lee Plein Air painters in old Bonita Springs to paint at Riverside Park.  We selected a shady spot on Island Park, a short walk across a foot bridge over the Imperial River.  The park also features some old fishing shacks that were relocated near the railroad tracks.  Both of us painted the bridge and the lovely scene along the river.  I decided my painting needed more darks, which I added when I got home.

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